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Music Therapy at Aomori Jikeikai Hospital


Hi everyone.  I have good news today.

I began working as a music therapist at Aomori Jikeikai Hospital in Aomori city. It’s known for rehabilitation and palliative care.

The palliative care unit has 22 beds, and every room is a private room.  It has a dining room and a kitchen as well as a room for families to stay overnight. The design is similar to hospice in the U.S.  The only difference is that the family room has a tatami floor!  It looks very comfortable with a futon, a Japanese style bed.

Gikei 7Gikei4drinks

A few months ago I met Dr. Koeda, the chief of the palliative care unit. He read my book, “Last Song” and contacted me.

To my surprise Dr. Koeda’s dog looks so much like my dog, Hana. She died at the age of 16 a month before I returned to Japan. When I met his dog, Koyuki, I felt that Hana was watching over me.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to working with the people of Aomori.


Koyuki, Dr. Koeda’s dog


With Hana in Kentucky

Click here to see more pictures.

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This entry was posted on August 23, 2015 by in End-of-Life Music Therapy.
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